Tan Factory is offering Mystic HD spray tanning. You can now get natural-looking results that match your skin tone with just oneĀ visit.

Custom blends are easily added to create your own personalized sunless experience.

Your sunless spray tan can last from 5 to 7 days, depending on how u take care of your skin. Get the most out of your tan. You can use a custom blend if you are looking for a longer lasting spray tan effect

Frequently Asked Questions about Mystic HD Spray Tan

Q: Will the Mystic Tan make me orange ?
A: The new Mystic Tan HD is the most natural sunless spray on tanning solution on the market. An orange shade will not appear with these new advanced Mystic Tan spray on formulas. We recommend that lighter skin clients try a lower level first and then after 3 or 4 days come in for a second spray tan visit to build on top of the first spray. Trying to get too dark, too fast may cause an unnatural look to your tan. In order to build a very dark tan using the spray, it should be done over a few sessions every 5-7 days.

Q: Does the Mystic tan streak?
A: We use the new premier colour-less spray tan solutions by Mystic Tan, which offers the most even tan possible. The key to prevent streaking is to exfoliate your skin prior to your spray tan session and use the spray tanning activator add on formula.

Q: I was told that I can customize my own spray tan result when I do new Mystic Tan HD, how?
A: The new mystic tan base formulas come in a clear spray solution, you can choose from a light, medium or dark spray tan result. This is the main spray tan that will be with you all week. The spray solution is made up of 2 main ingredients that will take approx. 7 – 8 hours for a great tan to develop. If you wait the full 12 hours you will have an even better result. With the add on you can reduce that time in half with the accelerator as it conditions your skin to give you a richer looking spray tan in half the time. Next you can choose the instant bronzer levels if you wish an immediate tan while your spray tan is developing. On top of that you also get to choose your own spray tan fragrance for a unique spray tan experince you will love.

Q: How do I get the best Spray Tanning results ?
A: Please be sure to shower and exfoliate before coming in for your Mystic Spray Tan session. Do not use any lotions or creams prior to your session. Coming to the tanning salon with loose dark clothing is best. Additionally, you should not shower for 4 to 12 hours after your spray tan depending on the custom formula you choose. It’s also best not to exercise or engage in any other activities that might cause you to sweat within the spray tan development time.

Q: What about Parabens and other potentially dangerous ingredients ?
A: The new Mystic Tan spray tan formula is preservative free and does not contain any parabens. It hmade up of all natural ingredients only. Chock full of anti aging ingredients and anti-oxidants like green tea axtract and acai berry to protect and nourish your skin. the new formula is aloe vera based and designed to deeply hydrate your skin for a luxurious skin conditioning treatment amd spray tan all in one.

Q: Will a Spray Tan session protect my skin from burning while I am on vacationing ?
A: No, a Mystic Spray Tan will not offer a natural SPF. It is purely a cosmetic tan without the SPF benefits attained from regular UV tanning beds.

Q: How can I prolong my Mystic Spray Tan Result ?
A: Be sure to exfoliate your skin before your session and moisturize everyday after your session to prolong your tan. We also have special tan extender lotions you can use to keep your spray tan looking great for a longer time.

Q: What is the new Mystic Tan HD spray tan lotion made with ?
A: The new Mystic Spray Tan formula is aloe vera based and chock full of anti aging ingredients and anti-oxidants. It is designed to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin making your spray tan session a mini skin treatment as well.